Beauce Modern Printing

For now 75 years, Beauce Modern Printing produce your most important printed material, from corporative to promotional documents (business cards, brochures, booklets, pocket folders, flyers, etc). Our services also extend to mailings and full project management.


Let us make your life easier!

From the beginning of your project, it is very important to involve your printing company to make sure you won’t have to start over again. Several decisions must be made before you even thought about your design.

Our dedicated team of experts will be happy to work closely with you to help you bring your project up to the expectations of your company.


The prestige of the offset printing!

You've worked several hours on your graphic design? It's now time to show its real value by opting for a proper finish.

Contact our team of specialists for advises. We are here to light you up on all the choices of finish available and for every budget. For example, why not use a varnish on your document? The varnish provides a great value at a very affordable cost.

Talking about varnish, have you ever heard about the Soft Touch varnish? It will give your document a feeling of suede and a very matte finish. This effect conveys the idea of superior quality for your document by stimulating a sense other than sight: your touch! Contact us for a sample.